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Playing Catch Up

20151115_110616 (1)Hey all, sorry about the disappearing act.  As you may know we were expecting our little one so the site was on hiatus.  We welcomed  Harper Grace Litke on November 11th, as the newest member of the Dawg Pound. Hopefully she can bring some much needed luck to the struggling team.

Ok, so time to play catch up.  Unfortunately in my absence there wasn’t much to report as the team has experienced a string of frustrating losses over the last month.  On the bright side there were some promising moments in each of the losses, and it seems we are always just one punch away from a knockout.  IF we could get our offense and defense playing on the same Sunday, we might actually turn the season around.

November Timeline

November 1st:  McCown goes down with rib/shoulder injury in loss to the Arizona Cardinals

November 5th: Manziel starts in McCown’s absence.  Completed 15-of-33 passes for 168 yards with one touchdown and rushed four times for 31 yards in the Browns’ Week 9 loss to the Bengals.

November 15th: Johnny Manziel completed 33-of-45 passes for 372 yards with one touchdown, one interception and one lost fumble and ran three times for 17 yards in the Browns’ Week 10 loss to the Steelers.

November 17th:  Manziel is named STARTER for the remainder of the season

November 17th:  Manziel cleared by NFL of any actionable behavior in the alleged domestic altercation that occurred back in October.  Johnny released a STATEMENT  addressing the NFLs decision

November 22nd:  Bye Week


JUST KIDDING!  Hopefully the team is working hard during their time off and will bring it once again against Baltimore next week.

2 Points or Not 2 Points

That is the question…

Ok, so this weekend we made some mistakes, we got some bad calls, and we lost.   However, we did give the undefeated Broncos a run for their money and pushed them to overtime.  They only beat us by 3 points…or did we beat ourselves by going for two instead of taking the sure thing? There are many that say a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush…others can make complete sense of the push for the extra points.  Where do you stand?  We are a family divided on this topic with even our president and former president split on the decision to go for 2 or take the 1.


So, this week rather than rehashing a game that was hard enough to watch the first time around, I am putting the question out there for fans to decide.  Should we or should we not have gone for the two point conversion?   As a little extra incentive and to drum up some friendly debate, we will be randomly picking a winner from this week’s comments and that person will receive a small token of gratitude next week at George’s.  Your comment will be also be added to the end of the season prize pack drawing.

So what do YOU think: Two points or NOT two points?

McCown: Offensive Player of the Week

Congratulation to Josh McCown on his franchise-record 457 yards and his second-career Offensive Player of the Week honors!  McCown joked in an interview Wednesday that the last time he received the honor he was benched in favor of Jay Cutler…OUCH.  No worries here Josh, your stellar performances over the last several weeks have quieted the masses and your fans are solidly behind you.

josh mccown

(Photo by Scott Iskowitz/Getty Images)

McCown is pushing through an ankle injury sustained in the winning drive Sunday.  Pray for healing Browns fans, he’ll need everything he has as we go up against an undefeated Broncos team touting the #1 defense in the league!

Victory in Overtime

The first 3 quarters of Sunday’s game were honestly hard to watch.  The defense was nonexistent at times and we were playing against a clearly one sided ref’ing crew.  Despite a slow start the Browns showed heart with a resurgence in the 4th quarter sending the game to OT.  The Ravens won the coin toss but momentum had shifted in our favor and the defense held giving the offense the shot they needed to bring home the win. McCown had another exceptional day throwing for 457 yards; two solid back-to-back efforts from the veteran quarterback.  Final score: Browns 33, Ravens 30.


It was awesome to hear the crowd get excited, strange to see Pettine actually smile, and best of all we knocked the Ravens to the bottom of the standings while positioning ourselves in the middle of the AFC North pack. Overall a pretty successful day for Browns fans!

So where do we go from here?  We would love to hear your thoughts on how to get the Browns season back on track. Comment below and remember all comments will earn you an entry into the Browns Prize pack drawing at the end of the season.  Keep it friendly, we’re all on the same side!


Heartbreaking Loss

Sad dog

Sunday the Browns came from 8 points behind to tie the score at 27-27 after a McCown to Barnidge touchdown and a Gabriel 2 pt conversion with just 2:13 left on the clock.  It looked like the Browns were heading to overtime following a hard fought fourth quarter.  It looked like there might actually be light at the end of the tunnel.  But looks can be deceiving.

Unfortunately the Browns defense couldn’t hold it together allowing the Chargers back downfield and with seconds on the clock Charger’s kicker, Josh Lambo, lined up for a 39 yard field goal attempt that would regain the lead.  Browns fans held their collective breath expecting the inevitable.  The kick went up as time ran out and to the amazement of everyone, it MISSED wide right!

Is this possible!?!  Finally a win in San Diego!

But wait….what’s that?  Of course….

A lone flag on the ground, signaling offsides by Cleveland’s now most popular resident, Tramon Williams.  You need not even ask what happened next, painfully, we’ve seen it all before.  The fate of the Browns was sealed and Lambo’s second attempt hit its mark.

Another heartbreaking loss for the Browns.

There is a silver lining here though folks.  McCown played as good of a game as we have seen and fans caught a glimpse of a Browns team that was able to come together under his leadership.   We saw the stirrings of something amazing in rookie Duke Johnson and solid efforts out of Barnidge and others.  It is very possible that it’s just going to take time to allow the wrinkles to smooth themselves out.  I guess we’ll see as the Browns travel to Baltimore next Sunday to face the Ravens.

Can the Browns Pull it Together in Week 4?

After dropping to 1-2 following a loss to the Jets last week, the Browns must make a stand Sunday @ San Diego to avoid falling to the bottom of the AFC North. While the Browns’ record against the Chargers has been less then stellar, without a single road win since ’91, there is still hope against the Charger’s 29th ranked defense and an offensive line crippled by downed starters. To be successful McCown will need to hit his targets downfield relying more heavily on his running backs, while the defense will need to return to its week two form, blitz heavily, and get to Philip Rivers early.

Hey, anything is possible. Keep the faith Browns’ fans, and let’s bring home the win!