GREAT NEWS!!! The Browns Backers came through for us! We can get as many as 40 tickets at $40 dollars apiece. There are some higher priced ticket in better locations but they need to be bought in groups of 4. The $40 tickets won’t all be together but in groups of four spread throughout three different sections.
I need to give them an answer by Monday October 27th. So I really need replies as fast as you can get them to me.
The game is Sunday December 7th at 1:00. I did some research on a travel bus and that will likely add another $40.00 to the trip for each of you. We would do a same day trip, leaving very early Sunday and getting back very late Sunday night.
So what I need is:
Total number of tickets you want:
If you will be taking the bus or your own transportation.
CIBBA President

Season Long Raffle Reminder

One of these could be yours !!!



1964 Browns

All season long, join us at George’s Neighborhood Grill for the games. While there you can buy raffle tickets for $5 a piece. Last game of the regular season we will hold a drawing to determine the winner. There will be two winners, first draw gets first pick.

Good Luck to you all!!!

Join us for the Browns vs Ravens Tailgating Party this Sunday

Good morning CIBBA,
After a heartbreaking loss in week one, our Browns came back and gave us a thrilling victory in week two. I will only speak for myself but as we were rushing onto the field for that field goal, I was expecting the snapper to not show up, the ball to be greased with Vaseline or aliens to land. As we know, the kick was good and the celebration began!
Since our tailgate during week one went so well, we are going to do another before this weeks game. We have the bye in week four so it will be two weeks before we come back together for the Titans game.
Sunday was a great time and it was good to celebrate a victory with good people. I look forward to seeing all of you again this weekend.
We will be setting up the grill about 11:30. Beer, Brats and chips as well as soda and water.
Let’s make it 2-1 going into the bye and Keep Johnny Bench where he belongs! :-)
CIBBA President

Check it out!!! Membership Special!!!

Good morning and happy Monday to all. In an effort to get all of our members signed up with the official Browns Backers site and get all dues paid prior to the start of the season, we are lowering the annual membership fee from $40 to $30 until August 22 at midnight.
Here is what you do; go to https://fans.clevelandbrowns.com/become-a-backer/login and complete the membership process for the Browns Backers. Then go to https://cibba1946.wordpress.com/ and pay your dues via the Paypal link on the CIBBA website.
After August 22nd, the dues will be $40. In anticipation of some very large crowds, membership fees MUST be paid to guarantee yourself a seat at George’s on Sunday.
Why pay you ask? Good question. With Paula as our Treasurer (and VP, she just doesn’t know it yet) she has some great things planned. Keep an eye on the website and Facebook for some great merchandise and memorabilia that we will be raffling off at the games. Can you buy a raffle ticket if you aren’t a paying member? I’ll always take your money but I doubt your ticket will make it’s way into the hat! :-)
What else? For those of you that haven’t looked at the schedule, the Colts visit Cleveland on December 7th. Based on interest from you, our loyal fans, we will use club money to supplement the cost of tickets, travel and hotels. Again, we need interest and commitment to make this happen.
Is there anything else? Of course there is. Where else can you see a grown man (me) throw things at the walls, curse in a (mostly) PG way and breakdown in tears after losses and wins. The entertainment from that alone is worth the $30.
Questions, comments, concerns, let me know.